Semblance Of Sanity Ranking of Kings Full Reaction

Semblance Of Sanity Ranking Of Kings Full Reaction Semblance Of Sanity Ranking Of Kings Full Reaction

Semblance of Sanity is a YouTube channel that does reactions to various anime, including Ranking of Kings. They are two brothers, Caleb and Jacob, who are anime fans and love to comment and analyze the scenes they watch. They have a style of humor that is funny and sarcastic, and they often make references to other anime or memes. They also have a weekly podcast where they discuss topics related to anime and geek culture.

I think their reactions to Ranking of Kings are very engaging and insightful, because they appreciate the story and the characters of the anime. They also notice the details and the symbolism in the animation and the music. They have a good chemistry between them and with the audience, and they make a lot of jokes and smart observations. They also have a Patreon account, where they post the full reactions without cuts, for those who want to see more

If you like Ranking of Kings and want to see the opinions of other people who also like it, I recommend you to watch the reactions of Semblance of Sanity. They are fun, charismatic and respectful with the anime and its fans. They also have reactions to other popular anime, such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Dr. Stone, Golden Kamuy and many others.

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