SERUM will receive a demo for PC on February 5th

Serum Will Receive A Demo For Pc On February 5Th Serum Steam Next Fest 2024

A Game Island and the Toplitz Productions announced that the game BE A will receive a playable demo in the next edition of Steam Next Fest which will start with a range of demos and interviews with game producers starting on February 5th.

BE A is driven by a unique gameplay mechanic: the mysterious elixir (serum) that is essential to your survival in a world engulfed by the Plague, a catastrophic man-made event that has left the world in ruins. Discover how this vital liquid can prolong your existence, amplify abilities and improve a handcrafted arsenal of weapons. But be careful, time is of the essence, and the clock doesn’t stop. You need to create different types of serum to survive, fight against dangerous mutant creatures, solve intriguing puzzles to escape the dangers that plague the world.

The demo of Steam Next Fest will give players their first true hands-on experience of the game as they embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of darkness. BE A will challenge players in their quest for survival, your combat skills will be challenged as you adventure in an ever-changing world where resilience has become paramount to survival.

With a multitude of hellish mutant creatures to contend with, and a world of destruction and abandonment to explore in search of answers, BE A will encourage the player to survive and adapt in a hostile environment under pressure.

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