Shinmai Ossan Boukensha anime gets premiere date

Shinmai Ossan Boukensha Anime Gets Premiere Date Shinmai Ossan Boukensha Poster

The official website for the anime series adaptation of the novel Shinmai Ossan Boukensha, Saikyou Party ni Shinu Hodo Kitaerarete Muteki ni Naru (The Rookie Middle-Aged Adventurer Was Trained to Death by the Most Powerful Party to Become Invincible) by Kiraku Kishima revealed that the work is scheduled to premiere in July 2024. A new trailer and a new promotional image for the series were also revealed.

The animation is from the studio Yumeta Company (Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning), the direction is by Shin Katagai (Re:Stage! Dream Days), the argument is Kasumi Tsuchida (Lapis Re:LiGHTs) and the character design is by Mari Eguchi. Music is the responsibility of Tomotaka Ohsumi (Handyman Saitō in Another World).

In the cast we have:

The novel began to be published with illustrations by Tea (Villainess Level 99) in December 2018. A manga adaptation by Ken Ogino (Lady Justice) began publication in November 2019.

Shinmai Ossan Boukensha Anime Gets Premiere Date 1709078552 746 Shinmai Ossan Boukensha Anime Gets Premiere Date

Synopsis of Shinmai Ossan Boukensha

The “shōnen story aimed at middle-aged readers” follows Rick Gladiator, a guild employee who strives to become an adventurer. Common sense says that it’s best to start the adventurer’s path at a young age, as it takes training to gain magical powers. However, Rick is starting after turning 30.

Thanks to working with the Orichalcum Fist, a legendary group of the most powerful adventurers in the land, he has already lived an unimaginable life with high-level fighting skills. With skills honed by literal masters of the “Monster class,” from dragons to vampires, Rick faces off against one elite adventurer after another.

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