Solo Leveling’s director worked so hard on the first season that he vomited blood

Solo Leveling'S Director Worked So Hard On The First Season That He Vomited Blood Solo Leveling 02 Screenshot Scaled E1705245145993

In addition to revealing what was cut from the anime series adaptation of Solo Levelingthe director Shunsuke Nakashige revealed that he worked so hard on the anime that he went to the hospital because he started vomiting blood.

On twitter Nakashige he wrote:

Thank you for watching episode 12 of Solo Leveling. It was the kind of project where obstacles arose with its art as the story progressed, but I think we made progress thanks to the entire team. It looks like there will be a second season, so I’m going to sleep a lot and do my best. Last year, I was hospitalized because I vomited blood like Shun-kun~ Ahahah

Second Kanno, because he was vomiting blood like Shun-kun (Shun is Sung Jinwoo’s name in the Japanese version), he had to be hospitalized. But now he will take care of himself to be ready for the second season. However, this update has worried fans who are now voicing their concerns with the director.

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