Spice and Wolf remake reveals release date

Spice And Wolf Remake Reveals Release Date Spice And Wolf.webp

Guys, hold on to this bombastic news! “Spice and Wolf” are ready to come out of the shadows and come back with a bang! That’s right, that anime that everyone loves is about to get a new life, and the guys at Studio Passione have everything they need to make it happen quickly. And it’s not just talk, no: there’s even been a new poster for the revival, showing that “Spice and Wolf” will return in April 2024. It’s coming!

April Comes with Spice and Wolf!

April will be the month! “Spice and Wolf” will be back on the small screen, and the revival will compete with a ton of other top spring series. Just imagine, they will have to face everything from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” to “My Hero Academia”. What a competition, huh?

Do you know Spice and Wolf? Connect with Dica!

If you don’t know “Spice and Wolf” yet, relax, there’s still time. The story began there in February 2006, at the hands of writer Isuna Hasekura and artist Ju Ayakura. The light novel is still going on, and in 2007 it was adapted into a manga before becoming an anime. Studio Imagin took care of the first wave of episodes until the end of the second season in 2008. Now, it’s time to revive the series with this new version, and fans are so excited!

Where to Watch Spice and Wolf?

For those who want to check out “Spice and Wolf”, the original anime is available on Hulu and Crunchyroll. Want to know more about the plot? Take a look at the official synopsis: “Kraft Lawrence has been a solitary trader for seven years. Everything changes when he meets Holo, the Wolf God of the harvest, and the two begin traveling together. Soon they find a business opportunity like that, but things get complicated when a rival organization captures Holo and threatens to hand her over to the oppressive monotheistic Church. Can Lawrence save his partner and still have something more going on between them?”

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