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Check out the spoilers for chapter 1106 of One Piece below:

– Saturn and Kizaru plan to annihilate everyone on the island.
– Before Kizaru can act, Luffy interrupts him and punches Kizaru.
– Bonney discovers that Luffy is Nika when she sees him using Gear 5.
– The authority of the Pacifistas belongs to Bonney, as Vegapunk modified the chips.
– Saturn attacks Dr. Vegapunk for the changes he made to the Pacifistas.
– At the end of the chapter we discover who were the ones who destroyed the Navy ship. They are Dorry and Brogy.
– We won’t have One Piece next week

In one of the most recent and exciting chapters of One Piece, we find an explosive mix of confrontations, revelations and a break that will leave fans eager for the sequel. The plot unfolds in a scenario where Saint Saturn and Kizaru plan a devastating attack against everyone on the island, a move that promises to significantly change the course of history.

Before Kizaru can put his plan into action, Luffy, always unpredictable, leaps into the spotlight. In a moment that can only be described as classic Luffy, he stops Kizaru with a well-placed punch. It is at this crucial point that Bonney, a keen observer, makes a surprising discovery about Luffy: he is Nika. The revelation of Luffy using Gear 5 is one of those moments that remains marked in the anime’s history, revealing yet another layer of the main character’s complexity.

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As the story unfolds, we discover an intriguing detail about the Pacifists. Authority over these powerful war machines lies in the hands of Bonney, thanks to Vegapunk’s modifications to his chips. This twist brings a new dynamic to the battlefield, potentially shifting the balance of power in unexpected ways. On the other hand, Saint Saturn, dissatisfied with the changes made by Vegapunk to the Pacifistas, decides to attack him. This confrontation highlights the complexity and tensions within the plot, showing that in One Piece, alliances and enmities are always fluid and full of surprises.

As we approach the end of the chapter, we are presented with another twist: Dorry and Brogy are revealed to be responsible for the destruction of the Navy ship. This revelation adds yet another surprising element to the already dense plot, bringing back familiar characters in an entirely new context. And, as if that wasn’t enough to have fans on the edge of their seats, we’re told there will be no One Piece next week. This pause, while frustrating, is a reminder that the best things are worth waiting for.

The One Piece manga is available on Manga Plus.

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