Square Enix will aggressively use AI to create new content

Square Enix Will Aggressively Use Ai To Create New Content Square Enix Music Youtube Screenshot

In your message new year, Takashi Kiryuthe president of Square Enixstated that the company plans to “aggressively apply” the use of AI to “create new forms of content”.

Takashi Kiryuthe president of Square Enixstated;

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential implications have, for some time, largely been topics of academic debate. However, the introduction of ChatGPT, which allows anyone to easily produce text or translations or engage in text-based dialogues, has triggered the rapid spread of generative AIs. Its launch made it clear that the applicability of generative AI was by no means limited to text, and the subsequent months saw a rapid succession of new service and content launches that expanded generative AI into a variety of domains with close ties to digital entertainment, including images, video and music. I believe that generative AI has the potential to not only reshape what we create, but also to fundamentally change the processes by which we create, including programming.

The debate surrounding the use of artificial intelligence to create content has raised some concerns, particularly with regard to copyright. Valve, for example, has already revealed that it may restrict games on Steam that use AI for similar reasons.

Just recently we reported on a manga that will begin to be published simultaneously in the West in English and that the translation will be done by artificial intelligence (AI).

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