SSJB was created for a simple reason that most Dragon Ball fans missed

Ssjb Was Created For A Simple Reason That Most Dragon Ball Fans Missed Dbs Super Saiyan Blue Goku Manga.webp

The “Dragon Ball Super” saga brought fans a flood of news, including never-before-seen transformations. One of them, Super Saiyan Blue, ended up becoming an icon. The curious thing is that this transformation has a much simpler origin than it seems. It all started in the movie “Battle of the Gods”, with the first appearance of Super Saiyan God.

In this film, Goku gained a new form to face the God of Destruction Beerus and his angel Whis. This transformation was fundamental, as it paved the way for a new era in the series, full of new challenges and powerful characters. The idea was to keep Goku looking the same, just changing his hair color.

“And Why Not Blue?”: Toriyama’s Decision

Then came the next film, and with it the need for a new upgrade for Goku. That’s where Toriyama’s interesting choice comes in. In a translated interview on, he talks to Toyotaro, co-creator of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga, and explains that he chose blue basically because he had already used red before. He even thought about making his hair white, but thought it best to save that idea for a future villain.

This blue, which contrasts with the red of Super Saiyan God, was chosen to highlight the transformation, creating a strong visual impact. And look how interesting: Toriyama mentions a “White” Super Saiyan, which ended up being discarded because he was too similar to Zamasu, the villain of the Future Trunks arc, and his white hair.

“A New Icon in Battle”: The Legacy of Super Saiyan Blue

Ssjb Was Created For A Simple Reason That Most Dragon Ball Fans Missed Dbs Super Saiyan Blue Goku

Super Saiyan Blue, despite its almost accidental origin, became one of the most powerful and striking forms in the series. Goku and Vegeta adopted this form frequently, to the point where classic versions of the Super Saiyan almost disappeared. It’s curious to think that this color, now so emblematic, was chosen so casually. Toriyama, with this apparently simple choice, ended up establishing a new level of power in the “Dragon Ball Super” universe.

This blue was not only an aesthetic choice, but also a symbol of how the series was moving forward, always surprising and innovating, keeping fans anticipating what would come next.

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