Star Ocean: The Second Story R will receive update 1.1 at the end of March

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Will Receive Update 1.1 At The End Of March Star Ocean The Second Story R Trailerlancamento Screenshot

A Square Enix and the Gemdrops Inc. announced that they will release update 1.1 for the game StarOcean: The Second Story R at Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch It is PRAÇA (Steam) on March 27, 2024.

Update 1.1 includes the following content:

  • “Highest difficulty mode: “Chaos”.
    New raid enemies added: Ten Wise Men.
  • The Ten Wise Men appear as Assault Actions.
  • New equipment added.
  • New NPC illustrations added.
  • Added “Character Graphics Collection”: A feature to appreciate the expressions of each character.
  • Added “Endings Collection”: Repeat the endings you have already achieved at any time.”
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