Strawberry Prince anime film trailer

Strawberry Prince Anime Film Trailer Strawberry Prince Anime Movie Visual 2

You can see a trailer above Gekijōban SutoPuri Hajimari no Monogatari ~Strawberry School Festival!!!! (STPR Origin Story the Movie: Strawberry School Festival!!!!), the first film of Strawberry Prince which will debut in the summer of 2024. Below is a promotional image.

With animation by the studio Liden Films (BASTARD!!, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Terra Formars, Hanebado!), directed by Naoki Matsuura (Liar Liar), the argument is Chika Suzumura (Burn The Witch) and the character design is by Yumi Nakamura (Liar Liar, Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku).

The group was formed in 2016 and has grown in popularity with videos on streaming sites. Since then, they’ve inspired a smartphone game, embarked on regular tours that have expanded to five arenas across Japan, and made their debut on Kōhaku Uta Gassen (“Red and White Song Contest”), Japan’s most-watched music television program last December.

You Strawberry Prince sang theme songs for anime Yo-kai Gakuen Y: N to no Sōgū (Yo-Kai Academy Y: An Encounter With N) and Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress. They also provide voices for Yo-kai Gakuen.

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