Takagi-san live-action film is an original story

Takagi-San Live-Action Film Is An Original Story Takagi San Live Action Film Is An Original Story

The live-action series ”Takagi: The Master of Pranks” recently debuted on Netflix leaving many fans amazed by this sweet and fun story of Takagi and Nishikata.

And fans will receive not only this series, but also a live-action film by Takagi-san, however, when more details about the film were revealed, fans were surprised.

Takagi-san live-action film is an original story

The live-action series would be in charge of adapting the manga’s story in chapters and, with the announcement of the film, many fans believed that it would complement the manga’s original story, which is not the case.

The story of the film takes place 10 years in the future, it develops after Takagi decides to leave the island to continue his life and study elsewhere, leaving Nishikata behind.

After 10 years, Nishikata is now a physical education teacher at school and he has problems with his profession. When he least expects it, Takagi returns as a trainee teacher and the two start to revive the friendship they had 10 years before.

Takagi-San's Live-Action Film Is An Original Story Set 10 Years In The Future

Let’s see how some Japanese reacted when they found out about the film’s synopsis?

“It’s painful to be ridiculed after the age of 20”

“If the manga were adapted into a live-action film with unknown actors, no one would watch it anymore”

“The original author wouldn’t mind if the actress showed her cleavage, right?”

“If you’re so far removed from the original work, isn’t that just borrowing the anime’s name?”

“They “used” the original work.”

“It is a development that has become obsolete”

“It sounds fun if you look at it as something completely different, just borrowing the title and characters.”

“I think it would have been a decent movie if they hadn’t used Takagi-san’s name…”

“Wonderful cast and music, isn’t it?”

“So this is a parallel world story where Nishikata couldn’t confess his feelings before Takagi-san actually moved away, for sure.”

“Is this about what happens 10 years after the live-action drama version, not the original manga version?”

“That doesn’t seem like ‘Takagi-san’ haha. It looks interesting as a separate work.”

Now the question is about the feelings of the author of Takagi-san’s manga, Soichiro Yamamoto, regarding the story of this live-action film by Takagi-san which is scheduled to be released on May 31, 2024.

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