Tales of Seikyu gets new trailer

Tales Of Seikyu Gets New Trailer Talesofseikyu Anuncio Arte

A ACE Entertainment today shared a new trailer for Tales of Seikyuwhich shows a first look at the vibrant world of the game that will be released for PC (Steam) in 2024. The console versions will be released at a later date, and a Kickstarter campaign will soon be opened for all systems.

In the description of Tales of Seikyu we can read the following:

“Tales of Seikyu” is a captivating fantasy-style farming simulation adventure game set in the cozy fairyland of Seikyu, a haven for legendary creatures from across the yokai world. The city pulses with life, home to unique residents, including the Kyubi lord, Shuten-dōji, the flashy and perpetually drunk bar owner, Yoji, a rebellious folklorist with a sharp tongue and a deep fascination with the ancient gods, and Otter Andolini, a former mafia boss who now finds peace on his beloved pier. However, beneath the facade of tranquility, the city lives in the shadow of the power of the Old Gods. As a newcomer bestowed upon an ancient inn by the God Inari, is he prepared to immerse himself in this otherworldly journey?

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