Tasuketsu anime adaptation announced

A Satelight Revelou Que Já Está Em Produção Uma Adaptação Para Série Anime Do Mangá Tasuketsu De Taiga Miyakawa.

A Satelight revealed that an adaptation for anime series from the manga Tasuketsu by Taiga Miyakawa. The first trailer and a promotional image have already been revealed:

The animation is by the studio Satelight (Helck, Macross Frontier, Aquarion), directed by Tatsuo Satō (Martian Successor Nadesico, Lagrange – The Flower of Rin-ne) and assisted by Tōru Hamazaki (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko). Meanwhile, the character design is by Nami Hayashi (Black Clover) and the music is by RON (FLCL Alternative, The Slime Diaries).

Satelight Revealed That An Anime Series Adaptation Of Taiga Miyakawa'S Tasuketsu Manga Is Already In Production.

In the voice cast (seiyuu’s), we have:

The first part of the manga Tasuketsu was released in 2021 and ended in 2014. The second part, Tasuketsu: FINAL KEQbegan publication in 2015 and ended in 2017. The publication of the third part, Tasuketsu: Judgment Assizesbegan in November 2017.

Previously, Tasuketsu inspired a short anime entitled Tasuketsu: Judgment Assizesfinanced by a campaign crowdfunding at the Campfire in 2020. The short anime launched in January 2021, featuring a different cast than the current project.

Tasuketsu Synopsis

The story follows a group of five people in a world where individuals have suddenly disappeared. A mysterious self-styled “Emperor” brings these five people together through anonymous messages and involves them in a game. Thus, participants must answer the question “Do you want to live or die?” The game has only one rule: “Most die”.

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