The impact of video games on online casinos

The Impact Of Video Games On Online Casinos 1707482915 The Impact Of Video Games On Online Casinos

Video games are a trend in Brazil and their cultural impact is undeniable. It is estimated that, in 2022, 74.5% of Brazilians will already be dedicated to the activity, playing on consoles, cell phones and computers regularly: relevant numbers that already demonstrated a growth trend.

Despite all the criticism that gamers sometimes suffer, science itself has been encouraging the practice. For example, the benefits of video games for human development were highlighted in a research published by JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association).

With this love for video games, it is not surprising that the increase in the number of gambling platforms – especially with the emergence of low minimum deposit casinos – have generated interest among the Brazilian public.

Being close and even converging realities, video games and gambling intersect in various ways, either due to the fact that both online game variants attract those who like this type of entertainment, or due to the professionalization of video games that has made them become a true sport, captivating the attention of bettors and creating a whole new type of betting: e-sports.

Come and understand the impact of video games on virtual casinos.

Two gaming universes and cross-inspiration

Anyone who plays video games knows that casino games are not completely absent from this reality. In addition to there being specific games of this type for console, computer or cell phone, some highly acclaimed games – take GTA for example – even have their own gambling spaces in the context of the narrative.
In turn, many slot games in online casinos have themes inspired by video games, as in Tomb Raider, for example.

It is also possible to see the inspiration of some types of casino games, such as crash games, in the gaming universe, and the example we give clearly has features from the arcade world.

The impact on casino bookmakers

Many online casinos integrate a sports betting space into their platform and this is relevant in the context of video games because, with the increase in the popularity of these video games, important international competitions have transformed games into e-Sports: one of the modalities in which you can invest in these digital spaces.

In Brazil, interest in e-Sports competitions is widespread, with titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO or Fortnite being much loved by Brazilians.

In our country, some national tournaments receive intense media coverage and are highly appreciated by the general public.

Investment and new digital resources

The world of video games has also been relevant to the world of online casinos due to the way it invests in technology.
Walking at the forefront of innovation, these two sectors share the rapid and permanent introduction of new virtual resources, having been among the first to incorporate elements such as Digital Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Streaming or biometric resources.

Supporting each other in this evolution, the two gaming sectors end up influencing each other and motivating continuous evolution.

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