Theogonia novel anime series announced

Theogonia Novel Anime Series Announced Teogonia Anime Visual 1 2

A Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures announced that an anime series adaptation of the novel is in production Theogony in Tsukasa Tanimai. You can see a first promotional image above.

Theogony began to be published in “Shōsetsuka ni Narō” (Let’s Become Novelists) in August 2017 and in physical format it features illustrations by Kōichirō Kawano. A manga adaptation by Shunsuke Aoyama began to be published in 2018 in Pash Up! and its 112th volume will be released on April 5, 2024.

Synopsis of Theogony

It is a time of war where relentless battles continue between human and demi-human tribes, as the Gray Apes (Apes) and the Pig People (Ogres) invade human lands. Kai, a boy from the village of Rag, spends his days immersed in battles to protect his village.

Amidst the harsh battles imposed by those who wield immense power, known as the “bearers of the guardians”, and as his comrades fall one by one, Kai suddenly remembers memories he shouldn’t have – memories of a world with advanced technology. and knowledge of the lives of people beyond this world.

And so, although Kai was just a villager, he soon found himself embroiled in great trials… A magnificent fantasy tale that chronicles the struggle and growth of a unique boy in a difficult world.

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