Theory: 3 One Piece Characters Who Might Know Gorosei’s Weakness

Teori: 3 Karakter One Piece Yang Mungkin Tahu Kelemahan Gorosei 

A Gorosei has a series of dangerous powers. But what makes them difficult to beat is everything Gorosei It seems eternal, no matter what they do, they will always recover.

If Luffy and his friends don’t know their weaknesses Goroseithen it is impossible to defeat them.

Who are the characters? One Piece who might know the weakness Gorosei? This is my theory!

1. Imu

Theory: 3 One Piece Characters Who Might Know Gorosei'S Weakness Imu and Poneglyphs. ( Piece)

Of course, those who feel like they know their weaknesses Gorosei is Imu.

He feels like the boss Gorosei.

But of course, even if Imu knew the weakness of the para Goroseihe doesn’t think he will share it with the protagonists One Piece.

2. Donquixote Doflamingo

Theory: 3 One Piece Characters Who Might Know Gorosei'S Weakness photo of Dimas Ramadhan.

Could it be that Doflamingo knows a weakness Gorosei?

It could be that he knows some weaknesses Gorosei or Imu’s weakness.

In chapter 761, Doflamingo said that if only strength Ope Ope no Mi was in his grasp on a certain day many years ago, he was able to use the National Treasure Mary Geoise to gain the true power of the world.

Mary Geoise’s National Treasure, and the true power of the world, this should be related to Imu. (Or even Imu itself).

If Doflamingo wants to receive ultimate power Ope Ope no Mi, namely Operation Immortality, does he know that immortality is needed to face Imu?

If so, Doflamingo should also have prepared a plan to deal with it Gorosei who is a follower of Imu.

3. Joy Boy (and possibly certain residents of the Ancient Kingdom)

Theory: 3 One Piece Characters Who Might Know Gorosei'S Weakness Poneglyph of Joy Boy’s apology, and Luffy’s Awakening. (Doc. Toei Animation/One Piece, doc. Shueisha/One Piece)

Question information Ancient Kingdom, Joy Boy, and Nika feel very covered up by the World Government.

Is it possible that Joy Boy actually knows the secret about Imu and Goroseithen this becomes one more reason Gorosei delete as much information as possible about Joy Boy, Nika, and Ancient Kingdom?

Because maybe it’s Joy Boy or the residents Ancient Kingdom actually know their weaknesses, and that information could be considered dangerous if revealed?

If indeed Joy Boy and residents Ancient Kingdom know weaknesses Gorosei, then a visit to Elbaf could be important for the Straw Hat Pirates. Saul should still be guarding Ohara’s books there. If there is any information about this from Ancient Kingdomthen Ohara’s books can be a source of hope.

So that’s three characters One Piece who might know the weakness Gorosei.

The problem is that Imu is clearly the antagonist, Doflamingo is in prison, and Joy Boy is long dead. Let’s see how the Straw Hat Pirates will learn weaknesses Gorosei Later.

Who else do you think the characters are One Piece who might know the weakness Gorosei? Tell us in the comments column!

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