Theory: 8 Possible Ways to Beat Gorosei One Piece

Theory: 8 Possible Ways To Beat Gorosei One Piece

Gorosei So far it makes me curious. Not only do they have a wide variety of strengths, injuring them is also difficult.

They can be attacked, but in the end they can recover from the injuries they suffer.

So how to beat Gorosei One Piece?

Here are some I can think of!

1. Thrown into the sea?

Theory: 8 Possible Ways To Beat Gorosei One PieceThe Sea Kings in the One Piece anime. (Doc. Toei Animation/One Piece)

One of the best ways to deal with Devil Fruit eaters is to throw them into the sea.

Initially, this method was thought to be the most effective way to overcome it Gorosei.

But now there are suspicions that Gorosei those are real devils, not Devil Fruit eaters, so even this method is not guaranteed to be able to defeat them…

2. Paralyze their power with Yami Yami no Mi first then beat them all up?

Theory: 8 Possible Ways To Beat Gorosei One

Use Yami Yami no Mi is one that would be interesting if used against Gorosei.

When strength Gorosei based on the Devil Fruit, Blackbeard can first eliminate their power with force Yami Yami no Mi before beating up the top officials of the World Government.

But, if theory if Gorosei It’s a real devil, not a proper Devil Fruit eater, then Yami Yami no Mi it might not be the right way to deal with them.

3. Sea Stones?

Theory: 8 Possible Ways To Beat Gorosei One Piece(Doc. Toei Animation/One Piece)

Sea Stones are another seemingly untried method of attack Gorosei.

If they are Devil Fruit eaters, if they are shackled by the Sea Stone then their abilities such as regeneration should stop.

Wano, a country that is good at processing Sea Stones, also happens to be an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates now. If the Sea Stone craftsmen there could be mobilized to create weapons like Sea Stone nails, they would be able to help defeat Gorosei.

Of course, this could be useless if true Gorosei His powers aren’t from Devil Fruits…

4. Related to the strongest move Ope Ope no Mi?

Theory: 8 Possible Ways To Beat Gorosei One PieceTrafalgar Law’s Ope Ope no Mi. (Doc. Toei Animation)

Donquixote Doflamingo knows about National Treasure Mary Geoise.

If only strength Ope Ope no Mi had been within his reach several years ago, he would have been able to utilize the National Treasure Mary Geoise to seize the true power of the world.

The power that Doflamingo himself wants to exploit seems to be the strongest ability Ope Ope no Mi, namely Operation Immortality. User Ope Ope no Mi gives immortality to another character, and the effect is that the user will die later.

If Doflamingo wanted to get something like the National Treasure Mary Geoise, yes he probably already expected to face a figure like that Gorosei and Imu. It could be that he wants to have followers with power Ope Ope no Mi yes so he can overcome them too.

Maybe immortality will be able to help fight the Gorosei?

There is also a theory that Operation Immortality may not only be able to grant immortality, but can also take away the immortality that other people have…

5. Taking advantage of the National Treasure Mary Geoise?

Theory: 8 Possible Ways To Beat Gorosei One PieceFlower Room at Pangea Mary Geoise Castle. (Doc. Toei Animation/One Piece)

It’s still a real mystery, what National Treasure Mary Geoise is Doflamingo referring to.

There is a big suspicion that what is meant is Imu.

I personally wonder if perhaps the National Treasure Mary Geoise is what grants a kind of immortality to the Gorosei

Then if the National Treasure is captured, the person who seizes it will be able to defeat or control it Gorosei.

6. Beating Imu?

Theory: 8 Possible Ways To Beat Gorosei One PieceImu and Poneglyphs. ( Piece)

There are also allegations that Gorosei it’s just a kind of projection of Imu.

So as long as Imu is okay, okay? Gorosei will continue to rise and recover from wounds.

If correct the key beats Gorosei is to beat Imu, of course this will be challenging. From what we saw in Sabo’s confrontation with Imu and GoroseiImu’s strength is also terrifying.

7. Beaten with Haki high level repeatedly?

Theory: 8 Possible Ways To Beat Gorosei One PieceThe moment Luffy paints his bat. ( Piece)

Then there’s also the simplest possibility: hitting them repeatedly with layered attacks Haoshoku Haki And Busoshoku Haki high level.

Didn’t Luffy already do it and it didn’t seem to have any significant effect? Gorosei? Luffy felt like they couldn’t die.

Of course.

But what makes me surprised… Gorosei that’s really strong. Why does Saturn need to be escorted by an admiral like Kizaru?

Is this just some kind of formality? Or to ensure a fight Gorosei Don’t walk too long, because if you beat them for too long they will also start having trouble regenerating?

8. Poison?

Theory: 8 Possible Ways To Beat Gorosei One PieceAppearance of Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Gorosei. ( Piece)

There is something interesting in chapter 1073, the chapter where Jaygarcia Saturn’s name is introduced.

When the Marines handed over the food for Saturn to Kizaru, Kizaru asked if the food had been tested for poison.

Does this mean Gorosei actually weak to poison? Or is this just Kizaru’s excessive caution?

So, those are eight possible ways to beat Gorosei One Piece.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments column!

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