Theory: Does Himawari Have Bijuu Chakra in Boruto: TBV?

Teori: Apakah Himawari Punya Chakra Bijuu Di Boruto: Tbv?

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 8 shows Jura and Hidari casually infiltrating Konoha village.

What’s interesting, there is a confrontation between Jura and Himawari Uzuamki! What’s that?

1. Jura goes to Konoha to meet Naruto, the method is by following the Bijuu chakra signature

Theory: Does Himawari Have Bijuu Chakra In Boruto: Tbv?Jura and Hidari appear from Tsumeaka (Doc. Shueisha / Boruto: TBV)

Jura was increasingly curious with various questions in her head, she wanted to meet Naruto directly in Konoha.

He didn’t know that Naruto was sealed by Kawaki, but he felt the signature chakras Naruto, that is Bijuu chakra.

Jura could feel it Bijuu chakra because he is Tsumeaka also, aka both fractions Juubi.

2. What Jura feels is not Naruto, but Himawari!

Theory: Does Himawari Have Bijuu Chakra In Boruto: Tbv?Shueisha/Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

Jura was confident in coming to Konoha to meet Naruto Uzumaki, by feeling Bijuu chakra in Naruto.

However, it turns out that what Jura and Hidari found was not Naruto Uzumaki, but Himawari Uzumaki.

This means that Jura felt the signature Bijuu chakra inside Himawari’s body, what is the situation like?

3. It’s possible that Himawari also has a portion of the Bijuu’s chakra, either a little from each Bijuu, or a portion of Kurama’s chakra

Theory: Does Himawari Have Bijuu Chakra In Boruto: Tbv? Naruto Next Generations

Jura felt Bijuu chakra, not Naruto but from Himawari. Here it seems clear that there is Bijuu chakra inside Himawari’s body.

The number may not be much, but it’s not small either because Jura can feel it from a distance.

The first possibility, there could be chakras Bijuueither a small portion of each of the nine Bijuu or a little chakras Kurama in Himawari.

4. How did Himawari get it? It’s possible that Naruto was given it, or genetically when he was born

Theory: Does Himawari Have Bijuu Chakra In Boruto: Tbv?

If so, there is a portion in Himawari’s body Bijuu chakrahow did Himawari get it?

The first possibility that Naruto may have given it to him, this makes sense too.

But it’s most likely that Himawari got it genetically, maybe there is Bijuu chakra which carried over until Himawari was born.

Considering that Naruto’s signature cat whiskers are also present on Himawari (and Boruto), this is probably a sign.

In your opinion, does Himawari have one Bijuu chakra in his body?

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