Theory: Was the Iron Giant in One Piece Formerly an Ancient Giant?

Teori: Apakah Iron Giant Di One Piece Dulunya Ancient Giant?

There is a possibility Iron Giant in One Piece the original is Ancient Giants and not a robot! How come? Let’s look at the complete speculation in the theory article One Piece the following!

1. His body shape is similar to Oars?

Theory: Was The Iron Giant In One Piece Formerly An Ancient Giant?Oars and Iron Giant in One Piece. (Toei Animation/One Piece)

If you pay attention, Oars’ physical form and Iron Giant in One Piece in general it looks similar, from the horns on its head to its large arms.

Although this body shape is actually quite common in the world One Piece, there are no horned giants with this kind of body shape apart from the nation Ancient Giants like Oars and Little Oars Jr.!

2. Its size exceeds normal giants!

Theory: Was The Iron Giant In One Piece Formerly An Ancient Giant?Giant Robot Egghead in One Piece 1111. ( Piece)

When Iron Giant appears at the end One Piece 1111, one of the Navy members was heard commenting that Iron Giant has a body size larger than ordinary giants!

So far, the breed is known to have a height that exceeds the breed Giant only Ancient Giants.

Of course, this doesn’t count giant animals (like Zunesha or Sea King) and characters whose height is abnormal among their race, like Wadatsumi (fishman) or Sanjuan Wolf (Giants).

But, can physical appearance alone be considered a strong indication? Of course there’s more!

3. Franky in the bad future turns into a complete robot, is it the same?

Theory: Was The Iron Giant In One Piece Formerly An Ancient Giant?Franky’s figure at the age of 50 and 70 years. (Doc. Shueisha/One Piece)

If you remember, on SBS One Piece Volume 101 shows how Franky looks at the ages of 50 and 70.

There Oda displays two versions, namely the version where everything is fine and the version where “something” happens. If you look at the pattern so far, it’s very likely that the “something” in question is something bad.

In a future where something bad happens, it can be seen that Franky turns completely into a robot at the age of 50 and becomes a warship at the age of 70.

What if “something” bad also happened to you? Iron Giant in the past?

If only our guesses were correct then Iron Giant this is Ancient Giants, could be the beginning Ancient Giants it has a body Cyborgs like Franky.

Then if you remember, in One Piece 1111 visible figure Iron Giant This apologizes to Joy Boy. It means, Iron Giant This has done bad things to Joy Boy in the past.

It could be anything that happens between Iron Giant and Joy Boy, error Iron Giant This is what triggers changes in the body Iron Giant, from before Ancient Giants with body Cyborgs become Iron Giant with a complete robot body like we see today!

What do you think, what do you think? Whether you agree with this theory or not, if you have any responses, try writing them in the comments column, OK?

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