Theory: What Can Miguel Do When Facing Sukuna JJK?

Teori: Apa Yang Bisa Dilakukan Miguel Saat Hadapi Sukuna Jjk?

As we know, Kusakabe again failed in his fight with Sukuna so that no other fighter stood up to challenge the cursed king. Fortunately, Miguel arrived on time so he is a challenger candidate for now.

What do you think Miguel can do when facing Sukuna?

1. Give Ui Ui time to run away with Kusakabe

Theory: What Can Miguel Do When Facing Sukuna Jjk?Kusakabe collapsed due to Sukuna’s slash (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

This option can be said to be quite logical but there are risks.

Because Kusakabe’s condition is in serious condition, Miguel will be a distraction for Sukuna.

Meanwhile, Ui Ui will take the opportunity to quickly teleport Kusakabe to Shoko’s location for immediate treatment.

Considering that Miguel is experienced in holding back superior fighters like Gojo, this can actually still be done.

2. Run away with Ui Ui to find other fighters who need help

Theory: What Can Miguel Do When Facing Sukuna Jjk?Miguel appears (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

At the end of chapter 254, we are shown that Miguel was able to grab Ui Ui quickly and appear on top of the building.

From there we know that this magician’s movements can be said to be fast enough to avoid Sukuna’s deadly slash attack.

So, instead of wasting energy fighting Sukuna, Miguel could have just run away with Ui Ui to evacuate elite fighters who needed help like Maki and Yuji who were last seen still on the battlefield.

This option is much more reasonable and has minimal risk because Miguel doesn’t need to make any sacrifices. The situation would actually improve because he saved a stronger fighter to turn the situation around.

3. Fight seriously with his own curse technique

Theory: What Can Miguel Do When Facing Sukuna Jjk?Miguel with his Black Rope (Doc. Mappa / Jujutsu Kaisen 0)

Slightly different from the first point, Miguel at this point could be serious about using all his strength.

This is indicated in Miguel’s dialogue, which says that island people do not keep up with the times. In other words, Miguel is confident against Sukuna because he has a trump card that the cursed king doesn’t know about.

It is also felt that this variable will increase Miguel’s profit level because Sukuna will certainly need time to understand the magician’s powers.

However, Miguel needs to be careful if he doesn’t want to add to the list of Sukuna’s victims for now.

That is the theoretical explanation of what Miguel can do when fighting Sukuna.

What do you think?

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