Theory: What Causes the Scars on One Piece Gorosei’s Body?

Teori: Apa Penyebab Bekas Luka Di Tubuh Gorosei One Piece?

In the past, when readers hadn’t seen it Gorosei fighting, scars on the bodies of several high-ranking World Government officials This is an indication that perhaps they were fighters before, so they are not just ordinary politicians.

Now, after we look at power Goroseiscars on some Gorosei so interesting.

This is my analysis of the possible causes of scars on the body Gorosei One Piece!

1. Jaygarcia Saturn and Shepherd Ju Peter look scarred

Theory: What Causes The Scars On One Piece Gorosei'S Body?Jaygarcia Saturn in One Piece. (Doc. Toei Animation/One Piece)

Gorosei those with scars are Jaygarcia Saturn and Shepherd Ju Peter.

Saturn’s scar is on his face, while Ju Peter has a visible scar running along his body.

Once we know the power Gorosei, These scars are so interesting…

2. Supposedly, one Gorosei can recover instantly from wounds

Theory: What Causes The Scars On One Piece Gorosei'S Body?Vegapunk and the scene of Kuma beating Saturn. ( Piece)

What makes Ju Peter’s Saturn and Shepherd scars interesting is… one of the abilities Gorosei it recovers from injuries, no matter how severe.

Luffy felt like they couldn’t be killed.

Because of this, scars on the body Gorosei so interesting…

What causes scars on the body Gorosei One Piece?

3. First possibility: this is an additional clue if Gorosei was previously an ordinary human, but gained increased strength?

Theory: What Causes The Scars On One Piece Gorosei'S Body?(Doc. Toei Animation/One Piece)

Not just anything Tenryuubito eternal like Gorosei. We have seen Charlos being injured many times.

There have been theories from fans in the past Gorosei It is Tenryuubito achievers who then get promotions.

Look at the titles Goroseithey are likely to get promotions because of their achievements in science, agriculture, finance, etc.

Then when they get this promotion, they also gain powers that make them immortal. Between the Immortal Operations of the user Ope Ope no Mior demonic power.

If this theory is true, it means that Saturn and Ju Peter probably have scars from before they were promoted Gorosei.

4. Second possibility: someone has actually been hurt Gorosei in the past?

Theory: What Causes The Scars On One Piece Gorosei'S Body?Saint Jaygarcia Saturn in One Piece 1100. ( Piece)

Another possibility that is suspected is that someone has actually been injured Gorosei in the past.

Saturn and Ju Peter, Gorosei who have scars, including those who have been victims of that.

If true, who could hurt Gorosei to leave scars, and how do they do it?

What is Joy Boy?

5. Third possibility: the scar is just decoration?

Theory: What Causes The Scars On One Piece Gorosei'S Body?Jaygarcia Saturn’s face in the anime. (Doc. Toei Animation/One Piece)

One of the theoretical questions Gorosei what is circulating is that they are actually just creatures created by Imu, and that is one of the reasons why it is impossible to harm them.

So according to this theory, if you want to hurt Gorosei the one who should be attacked and injured is Imu, not them.

If this theory is correct, then the scars and all the physical details Gorosei Yes, it could just be decoration. They were created that way.

Well, that’s the interesting thing about scars on the body Gorosei One Pieceand my theory about the cause.

What do you think causes scars on the body? Gorosei One Piece? Tell us in the comments column!

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