Theory: Who Wins If Baki & Tokita Ohma Kengan Ashura Duel?

Teori: Siapa Yang Menang Jika Baki &Amp; Tokita Ohma Kengan Ashura Duel?

Martial arts anime fans often compare Baki and Tokita Ohma when talking about which character is stronger. Well, that immediately started to become a reality when Netflix announced a crossover adaptation of their two series.

If Baki and Tokita were pitted against each other, who do you think would win?

1. The fight between the two was officially announced by Netflix

Anime crossover announcement Baki Hanma And Kengan Ashura announced by Netflix via a teaser video which you can watch above.

Unmitigated, the voice actors of the two protagonists such as Nobunaga Shimazaki (Baki) and Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Ohma) will be confirmed to participate in the anime.

The anime itself is planned to be released on the Netflix streaming site on June 6 2024.

2. The power that Baki has

Theory: Who Wins If Baki & Tokita Ohma Kengan Ashura Duel?dock. Netflix/ Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre

As the son of the heir to the Hanma gene, Baki has superior talent in martial arts. Plus, he has received training since he was little thanks to all the facilities provided by his mother.

He also often learns many new things, such as controlling endorphin hormones when fighting Gaia and using animal illusions when scaring Pickle.

His physical strength cannot be taken lightly even though Baki is shorter than most of the characters in the series.

He is known to be able to withstand Hanayama’s heavy punches which can damage fences, push Oliva, who weighs 180 kg, with his kicks, and escape Pickle’s strength-testing attack.

Not to mention that the demon face mode inherited from the Hanma family has also been mastered by Baki. By creating a demonic face in his brain, the young man was able to increase his strength to the point of being able to hurt Yujiro during their fight.

3. The abilities that Tokita possessed during the Kengan Ashura series

Theory: Who Wins If Baki & Tokita Ohma Kengan Ashura Duel? ashura

Just like Baki, Tokita himself has had a talent for martial arts since he was young.

The difference is, Tokita is known to have learned a self-defense technique, namely Niko Style, from his teacher, Niko. The young man continued to hone it until his level of mastery was considered very extreme.

He also has an ace card to increase his strength called Advance.

By increasing his heart rate, Tokita can increase his body’s speed, acceleration and torque to extreme levels. In this way, his strength also increased drastically even though it made him unable to use several Niko Style techniques.

What’s worse, the Advance technique also carries the risk of causing blood vessel damage.

Therefore, Tokita must master the Advance controls perfectly so that the effects do not burden his body. According to Hanafusa, Tokita is at most able to withstand five seconds of full use of this mode.

4. Conclusion

Theory: Who Wins If Baki & Tokita Ohma Kengan Ashura Duel?Image of Tokita fighting Baki (Doc.

From the discussion above, we know that Baki looks slightly superior in combat situations with Tokita.

Baki is known to master many fighting methods ranging from martial arts styles to hormone control to strengthen the body. Not to mention, the Hanma demon face mode that he mastered was known to have no significant negative impact on the young man.

Meanwhile, in Tokita’s case, he is known to only master Niko Style and Advanche mode.

The Niko Style technique itself is still quite effective in combat. However, the problem is that Advance mode itself has the potential to backfire if Tokita uses it incorrectly.

Even though Tokita can increase his strength with this mode, Baki himself can still handle it thanks to his experience facing enemies with superior strength like Pickle.

So you could say, Baki has a chance of winning because he has a variety of fighting methods that are more varied and don’t have such a bad impact on his body.

That is the theoretical discussion of who wins between Baki and Tokita.

What do you think?

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