Theory: Why Didn’t Madara Use Izanagi When Attacked by Black Zetsu?

Teori: Kenapa Madara Tak Gunakan Izanagi Saat Diserang Black Zetsu?

Izanagi is a technique in which the owner Sharingan can provide “magic spell” into reality.

With Izanagithe user can change reality at the moment of their death, so they don’t die, but at a cost. Sharingan they become blind.

Then what about Madara and the situation? Izanagi?

1. Izanagi must be activated before a dangerous condition occurs.

Obito IzanagiObito after using Izanagi. Pierrot Doc

You should know this fact, Izanagi cannot be used after the owner is in “dead” condition.

Precisely Izanagi must be activated beforehand, so when there is a condition where it is “dead”, then the death does not occur.

For example, Obito uses Izanagi as he started to fall for Konan’s explosive tags instead of using them after he exploded. Danzo then activated Izanagi before he was fatally injured by Sasuke, not injured first then activated.

So the user must activate it first, as long as Izanagi active then he can cheat death once (per eye).

2. Madara once used Izanagi when he faked his death from Hashirama.

hashirama vs madara.jpgstudio pierrot/Naruto

In his final battle against Hashirama, Madara faked his death by activating Izanagi.

He used it after obtaining Hashirama’s flesh (Hashirama’s cells) and his fake death became a method for him to escape.

Well, Madara has been proven to have used it Izanagibut there is a situation where he doesn’t use it, namely when he was stabbed by Black Zetsu, why?

3. When stabbed by Black Zetsu, Madara did not activate Izanagi because he believed he was not in danger.

Madara Black Zetsu.jpgStudio Pierrot/Naruto Shippuden

Remember the first point. Izanagi It is not automatically active when the user is injured, it must be activated before the user experiences a fatal injury, later the incident will be changed during Izanagi still active.

When stabbed by Black Zetsu (ironically in the same position as Hashirama’s stab), Madara did not activate Izanagi because previously he would not have expected to be betrayed, he also did not feel in a dangerous situation because of his new powers.

After being stabbed by Zetsu, Madara also couldn’t control himself, including not being able to do anything. Izanagi.

If only he could move, Izanagi could actually help Madara, change reality and escape from Zetsu’s stab. The hole in his chest is still there (because it happened before Izanagi active), but he can cure it immediately.

The problem is, when Black Zetsu stabbed Madara, he was rendered immobile, so he couldn’t do anything but overdose. chakra and became Kaguya.

That’s the theory why Madara didn’t use it. Izanagi when stabbed by Black Zetsu, what do you think?

First published April 5, 2023, republished July 10, 2024.

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