These are the 5 Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Forms that Goku Can’t Use!

Ini 5 Wujud Super Saiyan Dragon Ball Yang Tak Bisa Goku Gunakan!

Did you know? It turns out there are still 5 forms Super Saiyan which Goku doesn’t or can’t access yet! Check out the list in the following article!

1. Super Saiyan God SS Evolved – Vegeta

These Are The 5 Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Forms That Goku Can'T Use!

Super Saiyan God SS Evolved or also known as Super Saiyan Blue Evolved is Vegeta’s strongest change.

In general, the design is similar to Super Saiyan Blue normal. It’s just that the blue color of Vegeta’s hair is darker than before.

In the anime, Vegeta obtains this form when he succeeds in breaking the limits of his body. Vegeta did this when he felt he really needed strength to fulfill his promise to Cabba di Tournament of Power!

2. Super Saiyan Rage – Future Trunks

These Are The 5 Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Forms That Goku Can'T Use!

Super Saiyan Rage is a Super Saiyan transformation form that so far can only be used by Trunks from the future!

As the name suggests, in the anime Trunks enters the form Super Saiyan Rage after feeling immense anger towards Goku Black and Zamasu.

Although similar to Super Saiyan 2form Super Saiyan Rage it emits blue electric lines that are thicker than Super Saiyan 2 usual.

Not only that, the aura that emerged from Super Saiyan Rage also changes color to golden and is shaped like small particles, similar to shapes Super Saiyan Blue in that case.

3. Super Saiyan Rose – Goku Black

These Are The 5 Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Forms That Goku Can'T Use!

According to Goku Black alias Zamasu’s explanation, Super Saiyan Rose simply put, it is form Super Saiyan Blue if the gods Dragon Ball who uses it.

So if Goku is a god in the world Dragon Ball like Zamasu, maybe he can wear it too!

Actually there is a difference in form Super Saiyan Blue And Super Saiyan Rose it’s more or less just the color. The aura that appears becomes pink instead of blue when deified Dragon Ball who wears it.

So what if when Goku or Vegeta become God of Destruction will they be able to evolve into this form too?

4. Legendary Super Saiyan – Broly and Kale

These Are The 5 Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Forms That Goku Can'T Use!Toei Animation/Dragon Ball Super Broly

Legendary Super Saiyan is a very powerful form change that is only possessed by a handful of Saiyans, said to only appear once in thousands of years.

Users of this form in Universe 7 also so far it’s just Broly while on Universe 6, there is Kale which can also be turned into Legendary Super Saiyan.

From the looks of it, it’s the Saiyans that are turning into Legendary Super Saiyan always seemed to have difficulty controlling his power which continued to increase non-stop, to the point where his body was being destroyed by its own power.

Because of that, so far Legendary Super Saiyan always seeming to rage endlessly and can only be stopped by a greater power!

5. Tuffleized Super Saiyan – Baby Vegeta

These Are The 5 Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Forms That Goku Can'T Use! Ball

If the Saiyans are possessed by the Tuffles, then the Tuffles can also access the powers possessed by the Saiyans. Of course, including the power to transform into something Super Saiyans!

Different from Super Saiyan normal, existing Super Saiyan which can be accessed by the Tuffle nation in this Saiyan body has white hair.

However, similar to ordinary Saiyans, they can also evolve to Super Saiyan 3. However, in most media the form is named Strongest Form 2 instead Super Saiyan 3.

Those are the 5 forms of change Super Saiyan that Goku can’t use! Though it seems unnecessary, considering Goku already has quite a few changes of his own!

So where’s the change? Super Saiyan which do you like the most? Try giving your answer in the comments column below, OK!

First published 2020, republished April 20, 2024.

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