Third Season of ReZero is Censored

Third Season Of Rezero Is Censored Third Season Of Rezero Is Censored

The third season of ReZero finally gained new information such as a trailer and its premiere, which will be in October this year, but fans noticed that the anime was censored, in this case, we have two specific characters who had their clothes censored.

Firstly, you can check out the new trailer below:

In the third season we will have new characters appearing, one of them is Liliana Masquerade, who looks like a loli, but is an adult over 20 years old, her appearance in the light novel is this:

Rezero Is Censored

However, the anime decided to put more clothes on her as you can see below:

Rezero Is Censored

As you can see, she had the space in her clothes increased, and she wasn’t the only character to have this happen, the other is Capella, one of the members of the witch cult, below you can see her look in the anime and light novel :

Rezero Is Censored Rezero Is Censored

What do you think of the new versions of their clothes?

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