This Dragon Ball Super theory formulates who Goku’s final opponent will be

This Dragon Ball Super Theory Formulates Who Goku'S Final Opponent Will Be Dbs Planet.webp

Dragon Ball Super, the renowned continuation of the Dragon Ball saga, introduced a set of formidable and unique fighters, paving the way for discussions about who could be Goku and Vegeta’s ultimate adversary. With the duo’s constant increase in power, the figure who stands out most for this role is Whis, Beerus’s attendant angel and mentor to both.

Goku has already faced Beerus, the God of Destruction, in both the Dragon Ball Super series and the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Despite not being victorious, Goku showed impressive resistance, showing a significant advance in his abilities. This evolution is largely credited to training with Whis, who taught Goku innovative and transformative fighting techniques.

Whis: The Ultimate Challenge

As Goku’s last mentor, Whis presents himself as the ideal candidate to be the final challenge in the series. However, the question remains as to how Whis, a normally neutral angel, could assume an antagonistic role in the plot.

The relationship between Goku, Vegeta and Whis transcends that of simple students and master. There is speculation that both are being prepared to take on the role of Destroyer, a title of great importance in the Dragon Ball universe. To reach such a level, facing Whis in a final test would be a significant milestone, testing his skills against the master himself.

Master Roshi’s Legacy and Goku’s Destiny

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Recalling the past, in the Dragon Ball era, Master Roshi, under the guise of Jackie Chun, challenged Goku, setting a precedent for the confrontation between master and student. A battle between Goku and Whis would not only test Goku’s current abilities, but it would also provide Whis with the opportunity to reveal his full potential.

Conclusion: The Final Confrontation

A fight between Goku and Whis, while not guaranteeing Goku’s ascension to the rank of Destroyer, would offer him the chance to face one of his most influential mentors. For Goku, this confrontation would be a dream come true, while for Whis, it would represent the culmination of his effort in training a mortal to the divine level. This final clash in Dragon Ball Super would symbolize everything Goku has achieved and allow him to overcome his master in a way that has never been allowed before.

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