This is Gohan Beast’s true strength in Dragon Ball Super

This Is Gohan Beast'S True Strength In Dragon Ball Super Gohan Beast.webp

Dude, have you seen what’s going on in “Dragon Ball Super”? It’s incredible! You know, they took the whole thing to another level with gods and an entire multiverse of characters. But what really got me was Gohan. Remember him, Goku’s son? Since the first episode of “Dragon Ball Z”, he has always had enormous potential.

So, in “Dragon Ball Super”, they kind of left Gohan aside for a while, focusing more on his home life, which was a little frustrating. But then comes the “Superhero Saga” and, boy, does Gohan come back with a bang! He gains an entirely new and powerful transformation, the “Gohan Beast“. It’s something that we’re just beginning to understand, but it’s already clear that it’s super important.

Speaking of which, this “Gohan Beast” transformation is something else, you know? The “Dragon Ball Super” anime ended a while ago, but they continued with films, and in the latest one, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, it is Gohan and Piccolo who shine. Gohan goes through ups and downs, but in the end, he overcomes himself in an incredible way.

Compared to his other transformations, like Super Saiyan 2 or his Ultimate form, “Gohan Beast” is a giant leap. It even seems like an evolution of the Ultimate form, you know? And he uses this to defeat a heavy enemy, Cell Max. It was an epic fight!

And the crazy thing is how this new form compares to Goku and Vegeta’s transformations. Piccolo even says that Gohan has the potential to be the strongest on Earth. Imagine that? And in games, Gohan Beast is already a huge success.

This Is Gohan Beast'S True Strength In Dragon Ball Super 1706658401 674 This Is Gohan Beasts True Strength In Dragon Ball Super.webp

I’m super curious to see where this will lead. Whether Gohan Beast will face Black Frieza or whether he will fight side by side with Goku and Vegeta in their Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego forms. The possibilities are exciting. This Gohan Beast could be the key to some of the craziest challenges they’ve yet to face!

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