This is the real reason why so many fans give up watching Fire Force

This Is The Real Reason Why So Many Fans Give Up Watching Fire Force Fire Force.webp

Ah, so you want to talk a little more about “Fire Force” and the fanservice thing that’s going on, right? Okay, let’s dive into this discussion.

First, it’s nice to give some context. “Fire Force”, or “En’en no Shouboutai”, is one of those series that has been in people’s hearts for a long time. Written and illustrated by the talented Atsushi Ohkubo, the manga reached the world in 2015 and quickly gained a firm fan base. The story, which mixes elements of action, supernatural and a few touches of comedy, presents a Japan where people can literally catch fire at any moment. In this scenario, special firefighters with powers to manipulate fire enter the scene. Cool, right?

Now, what took people by surprise was the 2022 decision on the third season of the anime produced by David Production. After two seasons that left people glued to the screen, everyone was eagerly waiting for more. But so far, nothing new about the series. This left fans kind of in limbo, between expectation and doubt.

And while waiting, a conversation started to happen that took everyone by surprise: a lot of people left the anime because of the fanservice. Yes, that’s exactly what you heard. And who would have thought that fanservice, which is basically adding “hotter” scenes to attract a certain audience, would be the reason for discontent?

The thing is, on January 1, 2024, a Twitter user known as @twtZero_ decided to post a topic about the fanservice scenes in “Fire Force”, focusing especially on the character Tamaki Kotatsu. From then on, many people began to speak out, saying that excessive use of this resource ended up making the experience a bit tiring.

It is worth noting that the series has its strengths. For example, the use of sound effects is something that many fans love. However, for some, the scenes with Tamaki, which were supposed to be funny or sexy, ended up becoming repetitive and even intrusive. Not to mention that many of these scenes take place at crucial moments, such as battles or important plot revelations, which can break the rhythm of the story.

Interestingly, there are people who recommend reading the manga instead of watching the anime. Why? Because, according to them, the manga doesn’t spend so much time on these fanservice scenes, which allows you to enjoy the story in a more fluid way.

But, of course, not everyone agrees. Some fans even said that they can’t even read the manga, they find the fanservice so nauseating. And this led many people to abandon the series completely.

This whole discussion ended up opening a larger debate about the role of fanservice in anime in general. Many people think he should be something more secondary, perhaps appearing as extra material, but not interfering in the main scenes.

And despite all this, “Fire Force” still has its staunch defenders. There are people who love the fights and the story, and even suggest creating a “One Pace” version of the anime. “One Pace”, for those who don’t know, is a fan project that re-edits the anime “One Piece” to be more faithful to the rhythm of the original manga.

Anyway, everyone is waiting to see if David Production will improve on fanservice in the third season. Everyone is watching to see if there is a teaser trailer or any news about the release date.

So, will the third season get this balance right between action, story and fanservice? Only time will tell!

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