Toei Animation employee expresses his displeasure with the One Piece Remake

Toei Animation Employee Expresses His Displeasure With The One Piece Remake One Piece Anime Screenshot 2022

Recently the Netflix announced that a new anime adaptation of One Piece is being produced by Wit Studioand will recreate the story of the original manga, that is, it will start by adapting the arc “East Blue“.

However, this announcement generated mixed reactions from fans, while some were excited about a new, modern take on the classic series, others were skeptical about the need for a remake and the involvement of Netflix the same.

One question that arose with this announcement was the impact the remake would have on the company’s current anime team. Toei Animationwho, as we know, dedicated many years to adapting the work of Eiichiro Oda and the idea that a new, better-paced anime could overshadow his work raised many concerns among fans.

A member of the anime team One Piece expressed his disappointment in X.

In the publication above we can read the following:

What will happen to the anime that is currently streaming? I feel a little sad because the value of the anime we have built so far seems to be decreasing.

This post went viral on social media channels, and generated discussion among fans. Some fans showed their support and appreciation for the current anime team by saying that they did an excellent job despite the constraints and challenges for almost three decades, they also commented that the remake would not diminish the value of the current anime, on the contrary, it will complement it. and introduce the story to new audiences.

However, others argued that the current anime had many flaws and problems that needed to be fixed, and that the remake was a perfect opportunity to improve the adaptation and make it more faithful to the manga. They also said that the current anime team shouldn’t feel sad, but rather motivated to do better and learn from the remake.

The One Piece It is still in its early stages and there is not much information about its release date, format, team, cast and animation style. However, it is clear that it has generated a lot of interest and debate among fans of One Piece.

A reassuring aspect is the presence of Shueisha and from Toei Animation. These inclusions strongly suggest that the Toei Animation will, in fact, play a role in the anime remake and give fans a sense of continuity and connection to the original series.

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