Tono to Inu anime announced

Tono To Inu Anime Announced Tono To Inu Vol 1 Cover 2

A FlexComix announced that an anime adaptation of the manga is in production Tono to Inu (The Lord and the Dog) by Rie Nishida.

Tono to Inu (The Lord and the Dog) began to be published in March 2021 in Comic Polaris and Flex Comix will publish its 3rd volume on February 15, 2024.

Synopsis of Tono to Inu (The Lord and the Dog)

The story revolves around a fearsome samurai, once feared on the battlefield for his great skill. But after his clan falls into ruin, he lives a quiet and humble life, with his intimidating face the only proof of his former life as a warrior. One day, he meets a curious corgi dog, with whom he immediately falls in love, and they begin a life together.

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