Top Racer Collection postponed to March 2024

Top Racer Collection Postponed To March 2024 Top Racer Collection Visual

A QUByte revealed that the game Top Racer Collection will no longer be released on January 11th and has been postponed to March 7th, 2024. In a statement sent to OtakuPT It is said that this decision is due to the studio’s desire to offer the best game possible to players who are passionate about the franchise Top Racer.

Players will be able to try a free demo that will be available on Steam on January 11th, with 3 tracks to play and local multiplayer. Top Racer Collection will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam.

In the description of Top Racer Collection we can read:

Top Racer Collection brings back the 90s classic in an incredible package, bringing together three iconic games from the renowned racing franchise. With online features, speed up and experience the nostalgic mix of action and addictive gameplay!

The Top Racer Collection features classic titles such as Top Racer, Top Racer 2 and Top Racer 3000. Additionally, the collection will feature new and exclusive content.

Originally released for older systems, Top Racer won over gamers with its immersive gameplay, vibrant graphics and iconic soundtracks.

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