Tower of God 2 gets video preview of its new animation

Tower Of God 2 Gets Video Preview Of Its New Animation Tower Of God 2 Anime Visual 1

A Crunchyroll revealed during the event IGN Fanfest a video with a preview of the animation of the new season of the manhwa anime series Tower of God in SUI will debut on that streaming platform in July 2024.

The original webcomic Tower of God published on WEBTOON began in June 2010 and has 13 physical volumes released so far in South Korea. The anime series adaptation by Telecom Animation Film and directed by Takashi Sano premiered in April 2020.

The animation for the first season is by Telecom Animation Film (Lupine III: Part IV, Orange), directed by Takashi Sano (Sengoku Basara: End of Judgment, Transformers: Energon), Hirokazu Hanai (Dances with the Dragons, Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas) is the assistant director, the script is Erika Yoshida (Trickster, Namu Amida Butsu! -Rendai Utena-) and the character design is by Masashi Kudo (Bleach, Hayate the Combat Butler!) and Miho Tanino. Music is the responsibility of Kevin Penkin (Made in Abyss, The Rising of The Shield Hero).

Tower of God is a story about Baam, a boy who spends most of his life trapped under a tower, with young Rachel as his only company. One day Rachel decides that she can no longer be stuck in this same old life, she has always wanted to reach the stars, see them up close and to do that she needs to enter the tower and leave Baam behind.

When Rachel enters the tower and leaves Baam behind, Baam is unhappy and goes after her, but doesn’t find her. The tower’s doorman, a strange creature with a Machiavellian smile, informs Baam that Rachel has already gone up, and he goes after her, embarking on a great journey.

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