Trailer for the anime series Re:Monster shows opening and ending theme

Trailer For The Anime Series Re:monster Shows Opening And Ending Theme Remonster Trailer Op Screenshot

You can see a new trailer for the anime series adaptation of the novel above. Re:Monster in Kogitsune Kanekiru where you can listen to the opening theme “Into the Fire” by Lee Changmin and the closing theme “Sadame” by EverdreaM.

With its premiere scheduled for April 4th, the animation is from Studio Deen (Collar x Malice), the direction is Takayuki Inagaki (Birdie Wing -Golf Girls’ Story-, Chio’s School Road), the argument is Hiroshi Yamaguchi (To Heart, Comic Party, ToHeart2) and the character design is by Junichi Takaoka (Gravion). Music is the responsibility of Go Sakabe.

In the cast we have:

  • Takuya Satō like Gobrou
  • Kenta Hosoda as Gobkichi
  • Oh Kakuma as Gobmi
  • Kana Ueda like Gobe
  • Mai Kanno as The Redhead

Re:Monster began to be published in Shōsetsu ni Narō. A manga adaptation began to be published by Haruyoshi Kobayakawa. Re:Monster it also inspired a smartphone game in 2016.

Re:Monster Synopsis

Tomokui Kanata died prematurely, but his adventures are far from over. He is reborn into a fantastic world of swords and magic – as a humble goblin! Not content to let that stop him, the now renamed “Rou” uses his new physical abilities and old memories to move forward in a world where consuming other creatures allows him to gain their strengths and powers.

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