Trailer for the new Butt Detective anime film

Trailer For The New Butt Detective Anime Film Butt Detective Anime Movie Screenshot Police

With its premiere scheduled for March 20th, you can see above a new trailer for Eiga Oshiri Tantei Saraba Itoshiki Aibō (Oshiri) yo (Butt Detective the Movie: Farewell My Beloved Partner (Butt)), a new anime film from Oshiri Tantei (Butt Detective). In the video we can hear the theme “Odyssey” through NEMOPHILA.

The film’s story revolves around the sudden reappearance of Oshiri Tantei’s partner, who disappeared 10 years ago. He receives a mysterious message from Suisen and soon finds himself involved in a case of counterfeit art, involving a huge conspiracy to shake up art galleries around the world.

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