Trailer for the VTuber Legend anime series

Trailer For The Vtuber Legend Anime Series Vtuber Legend Anime Pv Screenshot

You can see above Kadokawa a new trailer for the anime series adaptation of the novel VTuber Legend: How I Went Viral after Forgetting to Turn Off My Stream in Nana Nanato.

Scheduled to premiere in July 2024, the animation is the responsibility of the studio TNK (High School DxD, Doreiku, Kandagawa Jet Girls), directed by Takuya Asaoka (Immoral Guild, Redo of Healer), the story is from Deko Akao (Noragami, Komi Can’t Communicate) and the character design is by Reina Iwasaki (The Dawn of the Witch). Live2D JUKU is responsible for the direction of the Live 2D It is nizima LIVE is responsible for the Live2D motion tracker.

In the cast we have:

Chami Yanagase by Sayaka Kikuchi
Hikari Matsuriya By Machico
Hikari Matsuriya by Machico
Mashiro Irodori By Saku Mizuno
Mashiro Irodori by Saku Mizuno
Sei Utsuki By Yu Kobayashi
Sei Utsuki by Yu Kobayashi
Awayuki Kokorone By Ayane Sakura
Awayuki Kokorone by Ayane Sakura

VTuber Legend began to be released in 2021 with illustrations by Siokazunoko.

Vtuber Legend Anime Visual

VTuber Legend Synopsis

Former wage slave Yuki Tanaka, 20, now works among her idols: the streamers of Live-On, one of Japan’s leading VTuber companies. As the beautiful and polite Awayuki Kokorone, she offers only the most feminine content. Unfortunately, your subscriber count and savings are at rock bottom.

One night, after Yuki thinks she’s finished her broadcast, she cracks some cold jokes – and more than a few rude jokes – while watching the Live-On video archives. But her viewers hear everything, and clips of her lewd, drunken comments go viral overnight. Yuki thinks her career is over… until her manager reveals that everyone at Live-On was waiting for her to freak out and gave her free rein to drink during the broadcast.

Now free of all feigned purity, she jumps straight into her new “rowdy drunk” persona and is welcomed by her fellow Live-On VTubers, who turn out to be just as crazy as she is! With her views and finances soaring, Yuki’s job – for the first time in her life – is actually fun!

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