True Beauty video shows preview of the anime

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During the event IGN FanfestThe Crunchyroll released a video with a preview of the adaptation for anime from the webtoon True Beauty by Yaongyi, which debuts in 2024 on the platform streaming.

The author of True Beauty published the series for the first time in April 2018, concluding it in June 2023. The official English version has reached more than 6.6 million followers and more than 825 million accumulated reads as of January 2022. Additionally, the series became the third most read in the WEBTOON in 2019 and inspired a printed version of Young Comwhich began publishing in October 2020.

Synopsis of True Beauty

Jugyeong transfers to Saebom High School, a school famous for producing idols, actors and influencers, after transforming himself with makeup to escape his bullying past. There, she becomes the center of attention and the next candidate for goddess of True Beauty, a title contested by anonymous voting. However, she also gains a rival, Sujin, the former two-time goddess, who hides malicious intent behind her fake smile. Sujin plans to overthrow Jugyeong using cunning tactics and traps, but Jugyeong is undeterred and vows to become the next goddess.

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