Übel Blatt will receive an anime adaptation

Übel Blatt Will Receive An Anime Adaptation Capa Ubel 2

A Pony Canyon announced that the dark fantasy manga Übel Blattwritten and illustrated by Etorouji Shionowill receive an anime adaptation in the future to celebrate the serialization of its sequel in the magazine Young Gangan. It should be noted that the work contains extremely violent scenes and a lot of sexual content, which is why it must be censored or broadcast in the early hours of the morning.

Synopsis of Übel Blatt:

Rumors spread throughout the country: when the bearer of the black sword draws his blade, everyone who stands in his way is torn to pieces…! Köinzell, is a mysterious boy who carries a black sword and it is undeniable that he wields it with great skill, but is he really responsible for the bloody rumors? Due to such rumors he is pursued by the Traitor Spears, four powerful warriors who were thought to have been defeated by the Seven Heroes, will Köinzell survive? At the end of the battle, only the shocking truth of Köinzell’s quest will remain above the corpses of his enemies…

Shiono released a continuation of the manga titled this Saturday titled Übel Blatt II: The Knights of the Deceased King (Übel Blatt II: Shiseru Ō no Kishidan) in the March issue of the magazine Monthly Big Gangan from the Square Enix.

The new manga takes place a year after the final battle with Glenn, with Elseria being crowned empress of a now chaotic empire full of dissidents. Köinzell, now Lord Viceroy Ascheriit, is helping Elseria stabilize the empire, along with Imperial General Geranpen, her official head, and Blatt Meister Ikfes. On the southern border of the Empire, a new threat emerges in the form of the Knights of the Fallen King, loyal remnants of Glenn who believe in his eventual return and are sowing unrest in the furthest reaches of the Empire.

The magazine Young Gangan from the Square Enix started publishing the manga Übel Blatt in Shiono in 2004. In 2011, a parallel story titled Übel Blatt Gaiden was published in Young Gangan Big. After a two-year hiatus, the main series returned to the magazine Big Gangan in 2011. The 23rd and final compiled volume was released in Japan in June 2019. Yen Press released the entire work in English.

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