Ubel cosplay left the Harmless Girl

Sousou no Frieren is full of interesting girls, Frieren, Fern, Aura, Lawrine, Kanne, Laufen and Ubel who is becoming my favorite female character in the series.

Ubel is a rank 3 mage who uses an ax and an all-black outfit, with boots and a skirt, she wears her hair tied to the side and has a somewhat carefree expression.

Ubel cosplay left the Harmless Girl

So, with the popularity of the anime and its characters, cosplays begin to appear and this is the case of cosplayer salgu_x who made her version of Ubel, the cosplay was really good but salgu_x has a “very cute” expression in comparison. with Ubel in the anime.

Ubel cosplay left the Harmless Girl

Below are two photos of the entire body, showing the complete outfit and the complete cosplay (apart from the face being covered by the smartphone).

Ubel cosplay left the Harmless Girl

Although I categorize this Ubel cosplay as “harmless”, for the Japanese, it looked like Ubel’s perfect image, practically being the real Ubel in 3D! See just a few comments below:

“WOW, She is the complete Ubel”

“Her style and posture are like Ubel herself”

“The clothes are of high quality”

“Isn’t this too perfect?”

“Very good”

“She’s Ubel, her style is incredible.”

What did you think of this cosplay? A few days ago on Cakemoe I posted several AI arts imagining the Ubel as a Bunny Girlyou have to check it out.

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