Ultraman: Rising already has a release date

Ultraman: Rising Already Has A Release Date Ultraman Ascensao Poster 2

With this promotional image the Netflix revealed that the CG film Ultraman: Rising (Ultraman: Ascension) will premiere on June 14th on that streaming platform.

With animation by Tsuburaya Productionsdirected by the newcomer Shannon Tindle (animated by Coraline, Kubo and the Two Strings) who created the story together with Marc Haimes. Tom Knott is credited as producer and Lisa Poole as co-producer. The film, as the name suggests, is based on characters from Eiji Tsuburaya (Godzilla, Ultraman).

The team aims for “a mix of Japanese and Western stars, along with a large number of below-the-line talent from Japan.”

In the cast we have:

  • Ken Sato/Ultraman by Christopher Sean
  • Professor Sato by Gedde Watanabe
  • Emiko Sato by Tamlyn Tomita
  • Dr. Onda by Keone Young
  • Ami by Julia Harriman

Synopsis of Ultraman: Rising

Baseball superstar Ken Sato returns to his home country of Japan to take up the mantle of Earth-defending superhero Ultraman, but he quickly finds more than he bargained for when he is forced to raise the children of his greatest enemy, a newly -born Kaiju. Struggling to balance the roles of teammate and new father, Ken must confront his own ego, his estranged father, and the conniving Kaiju Defense Force to rise up and discover what it truly means to be Ultraman.

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