Uma Musume demands that they stop ‘desecrating’ waifus

Uma Musume Demands That They Stop 'Desecrating' Waifus 1708819596 313 Kusuriya No Hitorigoto Some Are Hating Maomao

The developer Cygames has issued a press release for its popular franchise based on the smartphone video game “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby“. Among many aspects, the fact that the company expressed its dissatisfaction with the fact that illustrations continue to be created on the Internet and social networks that “do not conform to established guidelines” stands out. In short, the company does not want erotic illustrations of the popular characters in the franchise to be made.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

To have the context, Remember that the characters in “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby” are based on real-life the company has the idea that “desecrating the image of the characters is desecrating the legacy of the horses on which they are based“.

These guidelines have been strongly promoted since the inception of the “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby” franchise, with the goal of stopping “Internet desecration.” In this sense, the statement asks and at the same time demands that Internet users stop the creation of this type of content that affects horses, their legacy and their owners.

While such a warning might be taken lightly by the Internet community at large, let’s remember that Japan works differently. Cygames has maintained strict control and surveillance over the content published on the Internet that involves the characters of its franchise, with the aim of keeping the owners of the racehorses happy. (some even theorize that Japan’s mafias are involved in this business).

But it is not only about “profanations”, in fact, Cygames explains in its statement the type of content in which it is prohibited to use the characters of the franchise:

  • «Please review the following guidelines and avoid posting content that damages the idea or legacy of a third party; that includes violence, grotesque situations or sexual representations; that shows evident support for a political, religious or belief idea; which includes ideas against society; or infringes the rights of third parties».
Uma Musume Demands That They Stop 'Desecrating' Waifus 1708890858 206 Uma Musume Demands That They Stop Desecrating Waifus

Japanese illustrators have stayed out of the situation and, the moment Cygames warned that it would take action against those who ‘desecrate’ its girls, they immediately ceased production of this content. However, the proliferation of illustrations generated with artificial intelligence (AI) made it easier to make and distribute content quickly, and since it is created anonymously and is almost impossible to track, fans saw it as an opportunity to create illustrations. erotic films of “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby” outside the threat of Cygames.

This then explains why the company has once again insisted that this type of content be stopped, but will it be enough to stop Internet users?

  • «I don’t see the problem in all this».
  • «If the artist community doesn’t have the balls to go against this, those of us who use AI will have to take the initiative».
  • «It’s a shame there’s no way they can stop me from making this kind of content, I want to see what they can do!».
  • «The horse racing business itself is animal abuse. Do not confuse».
  • «Are those who abuse horses to keep them running and even sacrifice them when they lose now asking for this?».
  • «I don’t understand what these guidelines refer to, perhaps adding some examples will make it clearer.».
  • «I imagine that the owners believe that in the illustrations we show their horses, as is, having sex».
  • «I’m not looking to support those owners. Behind the scenes in the world of horse racing, there is a lot of animal abuse.».
  • «If this is what artificial intelligence causes today, you have my full support.».
  • «Whether it is done by AI or by a person, I don’t see the problem. Artists have the right to get money! They can’t stop the advancement of humanity!».
  • «It seems like people on the Internet don’t realize the whole doujinshi thing exists because companies often purposely ignore people infringing on their copyrights, but they have every right to get that way with any of their franchises.».
  • «If you want to take the risk, go ahead. What could go wrong? The mafia coming to look for you at your house?».
  • «If you think it’s only the owners you can get into trouble with, maybe a beating from the yakuza will make you see reason».

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