Understand why Goku could never be killed by the Death Note

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Let’s talk about Son Goku, this pop culture icon that practically everyone knows. He’s like the Superman of the anime universe, right? Always overcoming himself, with incredible strength and unshakable morals. Now, think about the Death Note, that little thing that kills anyone just by writing the person’s name. Super sinister and full of supernatural powers. You might be thinking: “What if they put Goku’s name there, huh?” Well, it’s not that simple. I’ll tell you why.

The Death Notebook and Its Limits

So, Death Note has some very specific rules. The main one, which everyone remembers, is: you wrote the human’s name, the human kicks ass. The thing is, Death Note was created with a very clear focus on Earthlings. Therefore, even if it is an item from another world, it has its limitations.

Now, the detail that makes all the difference: Goku is not human. He’s a Saiyan, who happens to look a lot like us, but comes from another planet. This is like, super important, because it means that, as powerful as the Death Note is, it wasn’t made to deal with beings of other races.

Semantics Matter

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“The rule says ‘The human whose name is written on this note will die’.” That already answers a lot, right? Goku can be many things, but human is not one of them. He’s been through some good times, including dying of a heart attack, which is the standard Death Note death. But that was for other reasons, not because of some magical notebook.

Even with all the similarities between humans and Saiyans, and they even manage to have children together, the Death Note is not like a magic trick that works on everyone. And Goku, with all his strength and evolution, looks like a god or something, but he’s definitely not an ordinary human.

Ultimately, the idea that Death Note could end Goku is very creative, but it doesn’t hold up. Goku is beyond the reach of this type of magic because of who he is: an alien with unusual strength. And that, my friends, is what makes him Goku.

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