Understand why Yu Yu Hakusho deserves an animated remake

Understand Why Yu Yu Hakusho Deserves An Animated Remake Yusuke .Webp

“One Piece” is a giant among anime, loved by several generations. It has everything: manga, anime, video games and even a live-action remake. Now, there is news of a remake of the anime, but is it really necessary? Some argue that “Yu Yu Hakusho”, another classic, would deserve this type of attention more.

Why One Piece Maybe Doesn’t Need a Remake

“One Piece,” with more than 1,000 episodes since 1999, is a vast and complex universe. The adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s manga is iconic, but the new anime project, “The One Piece”, managed by Wit Studio, raises questions. We already have a live-action remake on Netflix, faithful to the original material, which even those who don’t like anime can appreciate. The accessibility of the original anime on streaming platforms and the availability of the manga also question the need for a new remake. After all, those who find the anime too long can opt for the live-action version, which is leaner, or the manga, which offers a more controlled experience.

Yu Yu Hakusho: The Forgotten Classic

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On the other hand, we have “Yu Yu Hakusho”, by Yoshihiro Togashi. Released in 1990, it is a supernatural action and adventure story that marked a generation. Despite having a live-action remake, the anime, with 112 episodes, has never been revisited. It is currently not as popular with younger audiences, perhaps due to its age and lack of sequels or universal renown. This puts it in a unique position: a beloved but underappreciated classic perfect for a remake.

The Trend of Anime Remakes

Anime remakes have become popular, with examples as varied as “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” and the recent “Urusei Yatsura” redux. Some are made to update the story, while others seek greater fidelity to the original manga material. This approach can rejuvenate a series, bringing it to new audiences.

The Potential of a Yu Yu Hakusho Remake

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With “Yu Yu Hakusho”, there is a unique opportunity. The series is known for its quality, but its rushed ending left many fans wanting. A remake could not only refine the story but also fix the controversial ending. Unlike “One Piece”, which is in active production, a remake of “Yu Yu Hakusho” would be a fresh addition, attracting new fans without seeming redundant.

Conclusion: Yu Yu Hakusho Deserves the Spotlight

In short, while “One Piece” already has a robust and current presence, “Yu Yu Hakusho” represents a nostalgic gem ready to be rediscovered. A remake could revitalize this classic series, bringing it into a new era and allowing it to achieve status as a continuing shonen favorite.

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