Watch the Japanese opening of Dragon Raja: The Blazing Dawn here

Watch The Japanese Opening Of Dragon Raja: The Blazing Dawn Here Dragon Raja The Blazing Dawn Op Screenshot

The Japanese version of donghua Dragon Raja: The Blazing Dawn based on the Chinese novel by Jiangnan It will premiere on April 6th and above you can see its opening sequence. Below is a new promotional image.

In the Japanese cast we find:

The Blazing Dawn is the first story arc of the novel Dragon Raja and shows Lu Mingfei – an awkward 18-year-old who continues to be rejected by universities – receiving a strange acceptance letter to US-based Cassell College. Shortly after reluctantly moving forward, he discovers that dragons are real and that the university was established as a training school for dragon slayers. Lu Mingfei, like all the other students at the university, also has a secret: he is a hybrid human who also has dragon genes within him.

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