Watch the opening of Dropkick on My Devil!!: Apocalypse Day here

Watch The Opening Of Dropkick On My Devil!!: Apocalypse Day Here Dropkick On My Devil Apocalypse Day Op Thumb

Here is the opening sequence of Dropkick on My Devil!!: Apocalypse Daythe special Dropkick on My Devil! (Jashin-chan Dropkick) which recently debuted in Japan.

The opening theme is “Apocalypse Day” by Aina Suzuki (Jashin-chan in the anime) and the ending theme you can hear below is “Tadaima feat. EXILE NESMITH” by Leola It is EXILE NESMITH.

The first season of Dropkick on My Devil! premiered in July 2018, the second, Dropkick on My Devil!! Dashin April 2020 and the third, Dropkick on My Devil! Xin July 2022.

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