Watching Gundam would have prevented war in Ukraine, creator says

Watching Gundam Would Have Prevented War In Ukraine, Creator Says Portada Gundam 7

The creator of the original “Mobile Suit Gundam” franchise, Yoshiyuki Tomino, has sparked a wave of comment by suggesting that anime has the potential to influence the political decisions of world leaders. In a recently resurfaced interview with Tomino, The iconic creator shared his thoughts on how his work, specifically the 1993 “V Gundam” anime series, could have had a significant impact in the political arena if it had been seen by key figures such as Vladimir Putin.

Tomino’s claim that if Putin had seen “V Gundam,” he is unlikely to have started a war, raises a number of questions about the power of art to influence society and global decision-making. By relating the plot and themes of “V Gundam” to the current geopolitical situation, particularly the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Tomino offers a provocative perspective on anime’s ability to reflect and comment on fundamental human dilemmas.

Watching Gundam Would Have Prevented War In Ukraine, Creator Says Watching Gundam Would Have Prevented War In Ukraine Creator Says

A year ago the war between Ukraine and Russia began. For me, V Gundam hits the nail on the head, as if it were Putin’s war. If Putin had seen V Gundam, I think he definitely would not have gone to war.“Tomino expressed during the interview. His words suggest a direct connection between the series’ narrative and contemporary political events, highlighting the timelessness and enduring relevance of art as a means of expression and social commentary.

Additionally, Tomino contrasted between an economically driven war and a medieval-style war of conquest, highlighting the importance of learning from past mistakes and advocating for a more humane and empathetic approach to conflict. Its hopeful vision of the role that future generations can play in building a more just and peaceful world reflects an optimism grounded in humanity’s capacity to learn and evolve.

Ultimately, Tomino’s words challenge us to consider the potentially profound impact of art on society and the responsibility it brings for content creators. As we continue to navigate an increasingly complex and diverse world, it is essential that we recognize and value the unique role that art plays in our understanding of the world and our pursuit of a brighter, more equitable future for all.

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