When and where will Dragon Ball Super end?

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When we talk about “Dragon Ball Super”, we are diving into a universe that rekindled the flames of fans of the Dragon Ball saga, twenty years after the end of the original manga. The series arrived as a gift for enthusiasts, filled with new adventures and events ten years after Buu’s defeat, until the epilogue of “Dragon Ball Z”. It is true that “Dragon Ball Super” did not reach the legendary level of its predecessor, but it still managed to captivate a large number of fans, leaving everyone waiting for more episodes.

“Dragon Ball Super” innovated by expanding the franchise’s universe. Introducing elements such as the Gods of Destruction and parallel universes, the series expanded the horizons for new narratives. This increase brought an interesting challenge: how to reintegrate these new features into the already known ending of “Dragon Ball Z”? With the popularity that “Dragon Ball Super” maintains, it is not unreasonable to imagine the series surpassing the end of “Z” and following its own path.

Putting “Super” on the Timeline

In the original “Dragon Ball” manga, there was a ten-year gap that offered fertile ground for new stories. And that’s exactly what “Dragon Ball Super” did, inserting its content into this interval, as seen in the film “Battle of Gods”. The decision to position the series in this period allowed character updates and the maintenance of classic traits in others, such as Goten and Trunks.

Approaching the End of Z

As “Dragon Ball Super” unfolded, we saw events such as the birth of Pan and Bulla, bringing the series closer and closer to the famous “End of Z”. The movie “Super Hero” takes us almost to that point, indicating that we are close to reaching this milestone in history.

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The “End of Z” represents the epilogue of the original “Dragon Ball” manga, where Goku leaves to train Uub. “Dragon Ball Super” is quickly approaching that moment. The big question is: will the series end there or will it go further, to avoid conflicts with the established canon?

There is the possibility that “Dragon Ball Super” will go beyond “End of Z”, exploring new narrative territories. Since the series introduced significant changes to the canon, continuing the story beyond the familiar would be a logical step. This would open doors for new adventures with older characters like an adult Pan, Trunks, and Goten. This limitless story potential has fans excited for what could come next, with “Dragon Ball Super” possibly becoming the new vehicle for these explorations.

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