Who was the real culprit behind the tournament of power in Dragon Ball Super?

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So, let’s go, dive into the universe of “Dragon Ball Super” and talk about this Tournament of Power that messed with everyone’s heads.

First of all, this idea that Goku was responsible for the risk of erasing the universes in the tournament… well, that’s a bit out of context.

See, Goku has his flaws, that’s true, but accusing him of being solely to blame for the whole situation is pushing the envelope. There’s a lot more going on than people think.

The Development of the Tournament Idea

Reproduction: Dragon Ball Super/Toei Animation

Let’s go back in time a little, to the first episodes of “Dragon Ball Super”. Goku always enjoyed a good martial arts tournament, right? That excitement of his in the Universe 7 Tournament against Universe 6, especially in the fight against Hit, clearly showed this.

And then, out of nowhere, Zen-Oh, the king of everything, appears to check out what’s going on. Goku, as usual, suggests a tournament for him, and Zen-Oh, with all that innocence, likes the idea. The important thing is that, at this point, Goku had no idea what was coming.

Omni-King Zen-Oh’s Decision

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Reproduction: Dragon Ball Super/Toei Animation

Now, speaking of Zen-Oh, the guy is known for his impulsive decisions, right? And the truth is that, even with all of Goku’s excitement, it was the Zen-Ohs who really started the Tournament of Power, not Goku.

He only planted the seed of the idea, without knowing that the rule to erase lost universes would come along with it. The blame falling on Goku was a bit of a general confusion, but also a misinterpretation by the other characters and the fans.

Different Perspectives on Guilt

Of course, we know that there are people who won’t change their minds, and will continue to think that Goku is the big villain of the story. But looking at it from all angles, you can see that Zen-Oh is the one who really set the whole thing in motion.

Some may say that Goku is responsible for coming up with the idea, but ultimately, Zen-Oh is the one who took everything to the extreme with his childish nature. Regardless of who we choose to blame, there is no denying that “Dragon Ball Super” gave us an incredible arc full of memorable moments. And, in the end, perhaps most of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of Omni-King Zen-Oh.

The Dragon Ball anime is available in full on Crunchyroll.

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