Why are Naruto and Sasuke still Genin? This is the reason

Kenapa Naruto Dan Sasuke Masih Genin? Ini Alasannya

There is no need to doubt, Naruto and Sasuke are two strong ninja belonging to the village of Konoha.

Despite being incredibly powerful, at one point in his ninja career, they technically still were Genins!

Naruto even admitted this in the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Why are Naruto and Sasuke still Genins? Here’s why.

1. Naruto is still a Genin because he is training outside the village with Jiraiya

Why Are Naruto And Sasuke Still Genin?  This Is The ReasonPierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

In exams Chunin Firstly, Naruto Uzumaki was not successful because Konoha village was invaded by Suna and Orochimaru.

After that, it was still Naruto Genins wants to take Sasuke back out of the village, but Naruto has to become stronger.

Jiraiya was ready to train Naruto, but Jiraiya’s mission was not inside the village, mostly outside the village, Naruto had to go with Jiraiya.

Because he joined Jiraiya, Naruto missed the exam Chunin the next time, when he returned to the village he was still Genins.

2. After returning from the village, Naruto was immediately involved in many conflicts and did not have time to take another exam. He took the Chunin exams but was a filler

Why Are Naruto And Sasuke Still Genin?  This Is The Reasoncrunchyroll.com/Naruto Shippuden

Leave and return to Konoha, Naruto is in shape Genins. After he returned to the village, he immediately became involved in many conflicts.

The conflict starts from saving Gaara, training Rasengan new, Jiraiya’s death, Pain’s invasion, until finally the Fourth Ninja World War.

Naruto didn’t have time to take the exam Chunin again in the official story. There is story filler which tells the story of Naruto and Konohamaru taking the exam ChuninBut Sage Mode banned, then Naruto was disqualified because he accidentally used it Sage Mode.

3. Sasuke left the village before becoming a Chunin

Why Are Naruto And Sasuke Still Genin?  This Is The Reasondock. Pierrot

Sasuke had a similar situation to Naruto, during the exam Chunin First, Sasuke hasn’t escaped yet but there is an invasion.

The difference is that Naruto left the village legally, Sasuke left the village illegally, he joined Orochimaru to become stronger so he could take revenge on Itachi.

4. After Sasuke returned from the village, he left again

Why Are Naruto And Sasuke Still Genin?  This Is The Reasoncrunchyroll.com/naruto-shippuden

Sasuke was once a Konoha criminal, but he came to his senses and became good again after the Fourth Ninja World War.

However, after returning to Konoha, Sasuke immediately left the village again.

He said it was because he wanted to see the world with a different perspective and wanted to atone for his sins, he still does Genins.

5. Naruto said that before he became Hokage he was still a Genin. Sasuke doesn’t seem to care about ninja rank

Why Are Naruto And Sasuke Still Genin?  This Is The ReasonPierrot Studios

Naruto tells Sarada that he is still there Genins before it happens Hokage. Even though Kakashi offered to jump straight to the ranks Joninbut Naruto has to learn about ninja knowledge.

Meanwhile Sasuke is still there Geninsbut it seems like he doesn’t care about the rank of ninja because it’s no longer significant to him who he has become “Hokage Shadow” in Konoha.

Both indeed Genins in terms of rank, but in terms of strength both of them are level Kages or even more, so it doesn’t matter what ninja rank.

That’s the reason, what do you think?

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