Why couldn’t Sukuna release JJK’s World Slashing Dismantle?

Kenapa Sukuna Sempat Tak Bisa Lepaskan Dismantle Penebas Dunia Jjk?

When Miguel and Larue intervened, Sukuna’s condition at that time was at a moment where he couldn’t use his flagship world-slashing Dismantle. This was touched upon in the latest chapter of the manga.

Why did it happen? Here’s the explanation!

1. Normally, the world-slashing Dismantle is simply released with Enma’s hand seal

Why Couldn'T Sukuna Release Jjk'S World Slashing Dismantle?Sukuna activates Domain Expansion (Doc. Studio Mappa / Jujutsu Kaisen)

At first, the conditions for releasing the world-slashing Dismantle were not as complicated as they are now.

The condition required is Enma’s hand seal which is needed for the activation.

If you’re curious about what Enma’s hand seal looks like, Sukuna himself often does this when activating his Domain Expansion.

2. However, when he was about to kill Gojo, Sukuna did Binding Vow so the conditions increased

Why Couldn'T Sukuna Release Jjk'S World Slashing Dismantle?Sukuna’s second mouth recites the Dismantle strengthening spell(Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

So when he fought Gojo, Sukuna still used Megumi’s form.

As a result, he could not release the attack because his body shape was still like a normal human. Sukuna lacks the hands to deliver this deadly attack.

Therefore, Sukuna used Binding Vow to use this move without conditions just once.

However, as payment, he had to add another condition, namely reciting the spell and determining the direction of the attack.

In other words, this condition can be achieved if Sukuna uses his original four-armed form.

3. During the fight against Miguel and Larue, Sukuna lost two of his arms

Why Couldn'T Sukuna Release Jjk'S World Slashing Dismantle?Yuji attacks Sukuna (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

The conditions for releasing the deadly slash were then successfully locked by the wizards.

Thanks to Maki getting back up, Sukuna was hit by the woman’s slash, causing both of his left arms to be cut off. As a result, the curse king was unable to perform hand seals as usual.

Sukuna himself should still be able to restore it with the reversal curse. However, at that time, he was in a condition where he could not use this medical technique.

Thus, Sukuna cannot use this deadly attack as usual unless the reverse curse technique can be used again.

Well, at the end of the chapter itself, Sukuna is shown to have succeeded in releasing the Black Flash so that he is thought to have succeeded in getting back the output of the reversing curse.

That’s the explanation why Sukuna didn’t use the world-slashing Dismantle like before.

What do you think?

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