Why did Akatsuki cross out the village symbol in Naruto? This is the reason

Kenapa Akatsuki Mencoret Simbol Desanya Di Naruto? Ini Alasannya

If we discuss the most well-known enemy and criminal group in the anime and manga universe, then Akatsuki from Naruto will definitely not be absent,

Akatsuki has several distinctive characteristics, such as black robes, a red cloud logo, and crossed out symbols of their respective ninja villages.

But why are they crossing out the symbols of their respective villages?

1. This tradition started with Nagato crossing out the symbol of his village, as a sign that he was separating his ties with his old village

Why Did Akatsuki Cross Out The Village Symbol In Naruto?  This Is The ReasonPierrot/Boruto Studios

Almost all Akatsuki members have problems with their respective villages, but Nagato has the most complicated problem.

Because Hanzo from Amegakure caused conflict and Yahiko’s death, Nagato did not want any “affiliation” with Ame, therefore he cut ties with his old village in the Hanzo era.

Symbolically, he scratched and scribbled the village symbol on his headband.

2. It is a tradition for new Akatsuki members, a sign that they have nothing to do with the old village

Why Did Akatsuki Cross Out The Village Symbol In Naruto?  This Is The ReasonPierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

The Akatsuki members are all criminals from their respective villages, and they are wanted ninjas from their respective villages as well.

By crossing out the symbol of their village, it is a sign that they are no longer attached to their respective villages.

Even though not all members wear headbands like Orochimaru, Konan, Obito, Zetsu, and Sasori, if members wear headbands, it is mandatory for them to cross out the symbol of their village.

3. In Sasuke’s case, although accidentally, his headband was scratched, symbolizing him leaving the village

Why Did Akatsuki Cross Out The Village Symbol In Naruto?  This Is The ReasonPierrot/Naruto Studios

The village symbol on the scratched headband is indeed a symbol that the ninja has left the village and cut off his ties with the old village.

In Sasuke’s case, what’s unique is that everything happened by accident, namely Naruto in the form of a robe chakras clawing at Sasuke’s headband and scratching the Konoha symbol.

However, this indicates that Sasuke cut ties with the Konoha village afterwards.

In your opinion, does the Akatsuki’s signature crossed out village symbol add to the cool impression of its members? Write your opinion in the comments column!

Article first published on December 5, 2023, re-released on April 4, 2024.

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